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We are devoting a lot of time to our gardening efforts. We saw tremendous growth in the regards to our gardening efforts. We were able to establish the Park Elementary School in Holbrook as a school garden site and we were able to do container gardening with them at the end of the school year and have continued to provide TA and DE to this site. Students recently harvested the vegetables that were grown over the summer months and held a salsa party so that they were able to pick and taste the fruits of their labor.

We also recently added the Blue Ridge Unified School District and are working with them on a shared site with the high school and elementary school to develop a school garden. This project is especially rewarding because NHS (National Honors Society) is actually our point people. The students are the ones who will be working and overseeing the garden with TA from Extension and Master Gardeners. NHS will also be working with students who have special needs in the garden so that they too can be a part of the program. A unique component of this effort is that we are working with one of the math teachers to tie the gardening activities into his math class, specifically Calculus. The teacher plans to use the garden and aspects of the garden, such as a hoop house, to provide the students with real life problems and opportunities for observation to solve math problems such as derivatives. This teacher is also an avid gardener himself and is going to work with us to provide starter plants, specifically cold weather plants such as kale so that the students can start gardening this fall rather than waiting till the spring.

The third major accomplishment was our partnership with Whiteriver Indian Health Services, through this partnership we were able to begin work with the Whiteriver Head Start facility and have worked with them over the summer to plan, develop, and start a garden at their site.


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